Honda Navi
Honda Navi

Price of Honda Navi in India: Rs. 39,500 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Launch of Honda Navi: February 2016 at Auto Expo

Recently Honda has launched its new two wheeler bike named Honda Navi, but people are confused so as the Japanese automaker whether to call it a scooter or a motorcycle. Even its tagline is bit confusing. Actually its a hybrid of both, we can call it a moto-scooter, though the safety warning sticker on Honda Navi calls it a scooter so we can call it that only. After being showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, Navi has already created a lot of buzz, so now let’s see does it live up to its expectation or not.


At the first look some people call the new Honda Navi hideous while some refer it as cute. The fact is that it was targeted towards the youth of the country who are likely to take this awkward looking but stand out design. This is the reason behind the bright colours of Navi along with the various customisation options. To give it a sporty look, Honda has given black finishing on its front suspension and wheels.

The new Honda Navi comes with a square headlight at its front and a lifted rear tail-light along with side indicators. The new Navi is a small scooter in size and its dimensions are quite similar to Activa. The large gap underneath the fuel tank does look useless but it is very useful to store luggage. Navi is the first Honda scooter which can store a full-sized helmet. The new Navi is the desi-version of Grom 125 which is very popular in United States but the big difference is their storage space under the tank which wasn’t there in the Grom.

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear

On the new Honda Navi, this is the particular area where you will find the mixture of a scooter and a motorcycle as its console is of a scooter and the switchgear is from a motorcycle. The cluster is very simple, which is not much visible to read and the main issue is the lack of fuel gauge, although there is a fuel reserve switch. There is a speedometer and an odometer, but there is no trip meter. Honda Navi has the same switchgear which was there on the CBR150R but with a missing pass light switch.

Honda Navi (Headlight)
Honda Navi (Headlight)
Honda Navi (Instrument Console)
Honda Navi (Instrument Console)
Honda Navi (Strorage Space)
Honda Navi (Strorage Space)


The new Honda Navi comes with a 110 cc, single-pot mill and has HET that produces the same power as the Activa 3G, which is 8 bhp and a maximum torque of 8.96 Nm and matched to a V-matic CVT gearbox. The engine is very smooth and is comfortable to ride but the main reason that makes it differ from Activa is its weight which is 7 kgs lighter. The new Navi runs quite smooth and at a good speed till 60 km/h, but after that mark its engine do vibrate but mostly after the aforementioned speed.

This is a scooter mainly for day-to-day city use and not for highways, so don’t expect any kind of top-end performance but the ride in the city area is smooth and perfect. Top speed of Navi is around 80 km/hr but as you know, the lighter the weight on the scooter, the faster it goes, power to weight will be the most important factor in this 100 kg machine. Mileage can be expected around 50 km/l and its fuel tank capacity is only 3.8-litres.

Riding Dynamics

As the new Honda Navi has most of its features similar to Activa, you will be expecting the same ride quality but it doesn’t. Unlike other Honda, the new Navi is a fun bike and full of lots of fun. The main reason behind its fun bike is its light weight but most importantly its ride and handling what makes it even more fun. There are front pegs which may fool you to think as it’s for shifting gears but it’s not while you can use the pillion pegs for an aggressive riding position. Those people who are used to ride a motorcycle, sometime might find themselves using the rear brake as a clutch.

The upside down front forks of Honda Navi don’t have much travel, although the ride quality is good, but bad roads shake the scooter. The handlebar is light in weight along with a light front end, you will find it very easy to operate Navi. With a light front end, it is very easy to lift the front wheel. There is no CBS available while the brakes are decent, but the light weight helps in sure-footed stops. The issue with these brakes is the front wheel feels bit soft while the rear wheel is good and effective but one might lock it and slid. The riding posture is same like the Activa, rider can sit upright and the pillion can also sit but not with much comfort as the seat is slim and under-thigh support is lacking.

Honda Navi (Side View)
Honda Navi (Side View)


The new Honda Navi has surely caught many eyes by its fancy look ever since the Japanese automaker had launched it at an attractive price. Although the price is not as aggressive as it look, the new Navi is a great fun scooter for those who are seeking to get the best of both worlds, easy riding like a scooter and fun of riding a motorcycle. While there is lot of work to be done which will improve the quality of the scooter.

What’s Cool

  • Unique fancy looking 2-wheeler which make people curious to know more about the scooter
  • Smooth engine performance with good mileage
  • Good amount of storage space under the tank that can hold a full-sized helmet
  • Light handling and eager dynamics, a scooter that can corner

What’s Not                                                       

  • Basic instrument cluster miss out on a fuel gauge
  • Brakes could have been more better, at least optional CBS should be there
  • Big difference in ex-showroom and on-road price
Honda Navi (Side Rear View)
Honda Navi (Side Rear View)

Competitors of Honda Navi

TVS XL 100

TVS XL 100
TVS XL 100

Price: Rs. 29, 800 (ex-showroom Delhi)
Engine: 99.7 cc, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder
Maximum Power: 4.14 bhp at 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 6.3 Nm at 3500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 litres

Specifications of Honda Navi

Honda Navi 
Engine Type109.19cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valves, DOHC
Maximum Power8 bhp at 7000 rpm
Maximum Toque8.96 Nm at 5500 rpm
Top Speed81 km/hr
Mileage48-52 km/l
Length1805 mm
Width748 mm
Height1039 mm
Wheelbase1286 mm
Ground Clearance156 mm
Seat Height765 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity3.8-litres
Kerb Weight101 kgs
FrontUpside Down Forks
RearSpring Loaded Hydraulic
Front130 mm Drum
Rear130 mm Drum

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